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By: Cheryl Hendershot    (Apr 12, 2010)

I read about Ingold Farms here on Local Harvest, and decided to go to the Asheboro Farmers Market to try them out. Mr. Ingold was there and was just the nicest guy I have ever met. I'm a single mom, and am on a budget, so I can't afford a whole lot. Mr. Ingold sat there and answered all my questions, and then dug through the freezer to find some pieces of meat for me to choose from. He never acted like it was a hassle. I ended up with a London Broil, and OMG! When I cooked it, it was absolutely the best I have ever had. It was amazing, the size of the roast I put in the oven was the same size that came out! Because their meat is leaner, it barely shrinks when you cook it. You really get your money's worth. I would go to the farmer's market every Saturday JUST to buy my beef from him. You have to try it, and talk to him. He will answer all your questions, even give you tips on how to cook it! So not only is the product the best, but his customer service skills are out of this world!

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