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Simple Pleasures

By: Barbara Carrillo    (Apr 15, 2010)

Ah, those simple pleasures that make life worth living..

Last May, while thinning beets and pulling weeds in one of the fields at Allan Wilks' organic farm up Branciforte Road, I noticed a couple of rows of little strawberries. I absentmindedly picked one and popped it in my mouth..and OH, WOW!! Intense strawberry sweetness flooded my palate and the most delightfull, pure strawberry aroma filled my nose. I suddenly realized that for the first time in my life, I was experiencing the real strawberry taste.

That little berry exemplifies what Crystal Creek Farm and Pottery is about--small, yes, but concentrated. and sooo good. For over 20 years, Allan Wilks has been organically farming his acreage on Crystal Creek, growing intensely flavorful and nutritious produce. In the process, he has informed and educated many of us about organic farming.

I have enjoyed fruit, vegetables and herbs from Crystal Creek Farm for about 10 years and rate it the best. I'd recommend a visit to Crystal Creek Farm and Pottery. It's a fun, educational and flavorful field trip for the whole family.

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