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Wonderful CSA!

By: A.T.    (Apr 23, 2010)

This is the first time we've purchased a CSA share, and we love it! We chose Smoke Ridge over other CSAs because it operates year round and because it offers so many different items that we barely need to go to the grocery store anymore.

We bought a half farm share, which gives us a half share of everything produced on the farm. It's a huge variety of great, tasty stuff, like free-range chicken and beef, raw milk, butter, yogurt, jams and jellies, beeswax candles, natural household cleaners, nuts, fresh cheeses, grains, baked goods... the list goes on and on. The price is awesome when compared to the small fortune we were spending at the grocery store on similar foods (free range, organic, non-GMO, hormone-free, etc.).

I saw that another reviewer was disappointed in her share because she felt it was small and didn't offer enough variety. I think perhaps this person didn't truly consider what it means to purchase a CSA share. Whatever grows is what you get, and you don't often get to pick and choose. By purchasing a share you're investing in a farm, and if it does well, so do you. If it doesn't do well, you've at least invested in sustainable local agriculture, and that's still a good investment to make! If you want very specific items, and are not willing to can or freeze surplus, you should probably stick to the grocery store. That being said, Lindsay (who runs the CSA) is very flexible and has let us customize our share to our liking, eliminating items we can't use (like natural dog food - we don't have a dog) and adding extra where we use more (like eggs).

I would definitely recommend this CSA to anyone who loves food and cooking, and has a genuine interest in eating healthier and helping the environment!

Comments on this Review:

rita chenier says:    (Jul 29, 2010)
Why is it that this reviewer sounds just like the owner? It's too bad localharvest hasn't a way to monitor who does reviewing. I stand by my bad review.

carrie petersen says:    (Aug 2, 2010)
my intent isn't to question anyone's experience or reviews, but just to confirm that this review wasn't written by the farmer/owner. it sounds like some of the differences in opinions might stem from different types of shares--produce-only as opposed to baked goods, meat, eggs, etc.

A.T. says:    (Oct 19, 2010)
Please read my updated review, above.