Zabiha Halal

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your birds are super tasty and we want to say thanks!

By: Sania Patel    (May 3, 2010)

Been your customers for over three years now and never had a problem with what we buy from you.Your birds are very tasty and healthy to eat no doubt. We were browsing this site and found your business here. Wow what a surprize,Very delighted ! We hope more people will benefit from this and you too. My husband and children love to sit down and eat the birds we get from you and Its a treat for us. Especially with the herbs and spices you taught us to use in cooking. I wish you offered cooking classes as well for locals since you are a very good cook.We know that first hand. Delicious A+++ Comparing prices i see your's as lowest priced CSA shares and more chicken from you and I love that. I hope you will expand your business and we are with you all the way. Thanks again and God Bless all. Sania and family.

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Raja Khan says:    (May 6, 2010)
Thank you much. You've made me smile and i am glad to know you are happy. I am afraid I don't see the resources and proper help to expand business..Also the cooking lessons i could resume if i had someone to organize all that for me.Then it can be possible. Let me know if you know anyone willing to do so. And don't forget to buy your nest share soon.( i hope we don't start a blog here )