Felton Acres

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The worlds best chicken, and the eggs are great too!

By: Jon Greenberg    (Jun 2, 2010)

During chicken season, I get two chickens and two dozen eggs twice a month for our family. Our young sons eat a lot of hard boiled eggs for lunch, and we don't want to worry about how they're farmed. The chickens are amazingly flavor-full. We cook them up and eat them for lunch and dinner all week, then make chicken soup out of what's left. They're expensive, but in the grand scheme of spending, knowing that the food is safe and fresh and local and sustainably and humanely raised is well worth the cost.

I visited a factory chicken farm when I was a teen and was horrified to see them stacked in cages 12 feet high, all their lives. I never bought factory farmed chicken or eggs again. Felton Acres is an open book and its green, green, green!

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