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Love Love Love the Avocados!!!

By: Natalie Garcia    (Jun 4, 2010)

I've been looking for a farmer's market here in the AV where the selection is fresh. It is rare to find locally grown fresh produce. I must admit, I was not expecting much and was extremely surprised at the diversity of vendors. However nothing can compare to the avocados sold by the Manriques family. These avocados are so fresh that you can often find them with the stems and leaves still intact. The only downside is that they are very green, which in reality is not so bad because once they ripen the taste is just phenomenol, like nothing I have ever tasted. They are creamy and rich, almost orgasmic, this coming from an avocado lover. If paired with the goat cheese sold there, even better. The pies are also very delicious. All in all, I recommend this farmer's market. The great quality of the products are worth every penny, which is not much considering the freshness of it.

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Cyndee Donato says:    (Jun 30, 2010)
Thank you so much Natalie. The Manriquez family had a wholesaler buy their entire harvest so they won't be back. We are really sad but happy for their success. Hope you will still come back for the other great foods. Did you get to try the Tapia Bros. produce last week?