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Terrible service

By: Robert Rodriguez    (Jun 8, 2010)

well from what i observed i dont have much confindence in most of the reviews i see for these guys if you ask me they are probably fake. The service from k&m is horrible. They dont awnser their phones, and most of the emails.i placed an order for some tea, it took almost a month for them to send me my order. I got an email saying that i was delayed and was going to be shipped on a later date. The date came and went and still nothing, I mailed time and time again asking for the ups tracking numbers it was not till a couple days ago that i finally got the tracking number, There i noticed that the order had just been shipped, not when the promised a few weeks prior. When i finally got it it was not that i ordered. The stuff i ordered was not what i recieved . ordered tea that normally is peices of plants fairly large , instead i got something that looks like ground pepper. I made a glass of it to see if it was just ground and it did not even taste right. i give this a one star its not letting me select it so ill just type it.

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