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We are excited to be a part of Grassfield Farms CSA!!

By: Melanie Robinson    (Jun 16, 2010)

My husband and I were reading so much about artificial growth hormones and pesticides in vegetation and their negative effect on children (we have three young daughters 8, 6, 2). We decided to look for a local CSA farm. But with research, we knew there were still some questions that needed to be asked. We wanted specific information such as, whether they used rock dust to obtain fertile soil and if pesticides were used.

We contacted five farms in the area, only Grassfield Farms knew about rock dust and they also gave us a thorough scientific answer of pesticides stating that, they practice, "Integrated Pest Management which harbors beneficial insects as well as attracts pollinators." Not only has Mr. Flenner's family been farming for over 100 years, but he has a Bachelor's degree in agriculture. He also continuously takes courses yearly to stay on top of pest management. He also mentioned that he too, feeds his family from the crops that he harvests,

Grassfield Farms was also one of the few CSA's that started in early spring and ended late in the fall. At that point, I knew we had to join! We have been more than satisfied with all of the questions that we aksed.

Every week, we are exposed to new vegetables and herbs and when asked, you will be told how to store and cook them, which I have found to be quite helpful. Also, if there is something that you especially like they will make sure that you have a good amount of it and you are never given anything that you do not want.

I think my most satisfaction comes from the large bag of fresh herbs that I receive weekly, herbs like, dill, oregano, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme,peppermint, lemon balm, chives. Mr. Flenner also told me how to store them for the future. This was great for me because in the grocery stores, fresh herbs are very pricey to the point where I had to buy dried herbs for affordability.

Last Saturday, Master Carver Jim Calder visited the farm and taught the CSA children how to carve using a sweet potato. This just proved to us that Grassfield farms was concerned with building relationships coupled with educating their members.

We are so excited to be a part of this farm so much that we drive 45 minutes (with no traffic) from Hampton to Chesapeake every week. Yes, there are CSA's closer to us, but Grassfield Farms is the best and well worth the travel!

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Howard Flenner says:    (Jul 12, 2010)
We are very honored to have Mr. and Mrs. Robinson and thier 3 wonderful children as CSA members. It is our pleasure to see them each week and to know that they are enjoying thier veggies and fresh picked herbs. Thank you so much for your very kind review. We hope to make each and every member just as happy as the Robinsons' are!