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Not exactly the friendliest place

By: roxanne tucker    (Jun 16, 2010)

When I got there it seemed nice and quaint. The first tent I went to had kids waiting on people. I asked the old man in charge if his peaches were organic since the website boasts organic items. The man said "you can't get peaches organic." I said, "yes, you can get organic peaches." so then I started walking away and he proceeded to try and argue with me that nobody has organic peaches. and then I told him that's not true. he then told me, "Google it and let me know.' How rude. Obviously this man doesn't know about organic farming probably cause he's been set in his old ways for so long. And then the next tent I went to I asked if the potatoes were organic. The lady and man laughed and said "you don't spray potatoes." As if I am an idiot. Obviously these people don't know about organic either. I told her, " I know that you don't spray potatoes but organic doesn't just mean not spraying pesticides. It means chemical free ground for at least 3 years." That's only as far as I got in explaining until they interrupted me with how their potatoes are probably more organic than anything cause they were planted in new ground. I did buy them cause I didn't want to leave there with nothing, but I never want to go back. It's like they tried to make you feel stupid for asking for organic. That's okay. I'll shop at Earth Fare. As for the people with the whole grain chocolate chip cookies, they were so very nice. Awesome cookies!!

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Linn McAuliffe says:    (Jun 23, 2010)
Hi Roxanne, I've been visiting the Madison Farmer's Market just about every Saturday this season. I agree that there are some farmers that use "conventional" methods, but there are others that are truly concerned about growing healthy, organic food. There are two or three booths that I visit every week and I usually skip the rest unless something really interests me. The farmers at my favorite booths are very chatty and friendly. They have even given me tips for my own garden. You may want to give the market another chance so that you can find the local, organic farmers that meet your needs. Earthfare is a good backup, but I do like the thought that my food is coming from a local farm versus one across the country. There is also a farmer's market in Huntsville and a little stand in Bridgestreet on certain days. There is also a big produce stand towards Athens and supposedly a good market in Decatur. Good luck on your search for local, organic food! Linn

Stanley Gibson says:    (Oct 11, 2010)
Organic peaches are almost impossible to grow in our area. The humidity makes brown rot very hard to deal with.