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We have learned to LOVE what a CSA is all about!

By: Teresa Scott    (Jun 18, 2010)

I read the other reviews -- they are right in both the pros and the cons.

Problems: Initial communication with the farm is difficult. I think Ang is one busy lady. Contrary to popular opinion, I believe that farming folk are NOT laid back and relaxed, but rather VERY hard working people. They are tied to their jobs 24/7, and the weather holds them ransom. So it's pretty much a surprise to us each season as to WHEN the 6 weeks starts. Don't worry, if you are a basketeer, she'll email you at least a week ahead of time.

Positives: My goodness, the fresh veggies are yummy! And Ang has introduced us to veggies we had never tried before -- turnips, collard greens, arugula -- because we had heard they had bad reputations for being bitter -- as well as veggies we have never HEARD of -- like the 8 ball squash. Well Ang has changed our mind. It's not the veggies that have the problem. It's how old they are when they are picked, or how old they are AFTER they've been picked by the time you eat them. Ang appears to know EXACTLY when to pick them so they are ripe but not bitter, and if you eat them right away, they can be downright amazing!

We've been members of this CSA for 2 seasons now, and are eager to do it again. Every week is a surprise -- we have no idea what is coming, and opening the basket is like a Christmas present. We are looking forward wth eager anticipation to the fall season, since there will be no summer season this year.

Thanks, Ang!

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