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I love Madison Farmers Market

By: Kay L Detter    (Jun 23, 2010)

I just read the previous review and I must point out that whoever wrote the review was obviously not a 'local resident' or they would know that organic is just now starting to become available in our area.

The writer seemed more interested in showing off her knowledge of organics then she did having a good time at the market and encouraging local food production.

If you are that much of a 'purest', please go to Earth Fare. They are willing to cart food from around the world just to give you organic.

However, if she really knew about the label 'organic' then she would know that it is expensive and takes as much as seven years to become certified. That's a lot to ask of a family farm or small grower.

I believe Madison Farmers Market is filled with friendly people who are out there on hot Saturday mornings to give the residents of Madison fresh veggies.

Maybe, if she were more friendly and had not spent so much time, putting other peoples efforts down, she would have had a better experience.

You get what you give. I always love going to the Madison Farmers Market. Keep up the good work!

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