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Local fresh is so much better than store-bought!

By: jc dumestre    (Jul 9, 2010)

Once you have cooked and eaten a fresh chicken from Green Acres Farm, you will never want supermarket chicken again! I learned about Green Acres Farm fresh chicken from the owner's mother, just after I had finished reading "My Life In France," by Julia Child. I remembered having had fresh turkey from a local farm in Mississippi one Thanksgiving, and I knew that the fresh, locally raised chicken would be so much better than store-bought as well - just as Julie wrote in her book. Julia Child was right about using really fresh eggs, too! Now I am hooked on all the Green Acres Farm products. I have ordered a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving this year, and I want the Muscovy Ducks again, too.

I made a wonderful shepherd's pie from the ground mutton. It was so good that I could not believe the lamb could possibly be any better, but it was! (When my sister went to Crete recently, I remebered the wonderful moussaka we had in Greece many years ago...) I saw the eggplant at the Palafox Market when I went to buy more mutton, and I knew I would have to buy the Green Acres Farm ground lamb and make moussaka. It was so good and flavorful that I almost ate it right out of the browning pan instead of baking it! It is so much healthier to cook fresh and to control what is added to your food. Thank goodness I found out about Green Acres Farm fresh products. Thank you, Mark, for all your hard work! jd

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