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Life Changing

By: christine roszak    (Aug 3, 2010)

You know how hard it is to change the way you eat? As an incredibly busy and stressed out working professional, I had gotten to this place where I knew I wasn't eating enough fruits and vegetables, but still ended up buying the same stuff at the store. Which wasn't helping anything. And I wanted to eat local, which was really hard to figure out when I was standing in front of the fruit stand with my pre-written list.

Joining this CSA has flipped the whole way I approach food on its head: they deliver this incredible looking product (and flowers) to my door. It's all organic, it's all local. All I have to do is figure out 1) What it is (they have a weekly list the farm updates) and 2) How to prepare it each day. It's a bit more expensive than selecting it myself, but who cares? I'm eating at least 5 fruits/veggies a day and I lost three pounds in the last two weeks! I could not be happier. (And I think the flowers are a touch of marketing genius. )

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