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Great produce & variety

By: Joanne Chapman    (Aug 4, 2010)

Todd and I joined the CSA for a couple of reasons: to get a variety of fresh garden produce that we get to choose for our family and to help support people we know (John & Chris). We had not done this previously and were not exactly sure what we were getting into. In the past we either had a very large garden of our own or purchased flats through the local farm stands. The CSA has been a wonderful experience. We have been able to eat up most of the produce that we have taken (family of 4 getting 4 shares) and what we have not eaten has been put up in the freezer. In the past, I would spend hours doing this, but because it is smaller amounts, it only takes a few minutes each week and we will still have great veggies in our freezer this fall/winter. Also; John mentioned last week that he was going to have to pick the melons as the guy who usually does it was not available. Well, let me say, he did a great job. We got a watermelon as well as Galia melon and both were wonderfully sweet but not overripe. The corn has been wonderfully sweet but not overripe as well. We love the emails that let us know what is available as well as the recipes to try (especially for items I have never cooked before). Our kids (14 & 11) are also enjoying trying new produce and have been very willing. There is no doubt in our minds that we will be doing it again next year. We have been telling everyone we know about it and hope that they join us in the CSA. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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