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Great Farm; Great Experience

By: Dana Jones    (Aug 10, 2010)

I joined the Capella Farm CSA after reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and Eating Animals and looking to learn to use more vegetables. I wanted to be more purposeful about what I was cooking (or not cooking) for my husband and I and about how I was spending our food dollars. We were interested in eating more locally and organically.

I so appreciate having the opportunity to know those who are growing our food. The website, recipes, and weekly information about what to expect "in the box" are so helpful. Jennifer helps with greens identification, storage, what to do to eliminate little bugs (though I've yet to see one), etc. I've tried to email other farmers different times, and understandably, I suppose, they often don't seem to be too good on the communication end of things. Jennifer is very good about responding.

The vegetables have been amazing. Kale is my new favorite vegetable! It is quite fun to figure out how to use the items in the box each time. I have also been able to reserve some bushels of tomatoes for canning as well as other bulk items, when the harvest allows. Their eggs are just wonderful too.

I live about 40 minutes away and was initially a little concerned that I wouldn't want to commit to driving out every other week (we have a half share). I have really enjoyed coming out to the farm. Sometimes I combine it with a stop to the farmers' market and pick up some fruit or extra lettuce if needed, or run into Zingerman's or Whole Foods for dry goods or olive oil. Jennifer always posts the box contents a day or so in advance which helps me with planning meals. I always try to bring a friend or family member, both to have a companion as well as pass on information about CSAs.

This has been a completely positive experience and one that I am planning to continue in the future. Thank you Capella Farm!

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