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Excellent organic eggs!

By: Mike Nedved    (Aug 14, 2010)

I tried the organic eggs from Highspire Hills Farm just as they were coming available, and they were excellent! I have used them in scrambled eggs and corn bread, which my kids enjoyed, and I look forward to using them in baking, where the higher quality of the yolks makes a difference compared to the non-organic eggs I have used. I have been buying cage free/organic eggs at one of the local grocery stores for a couple years now, and their organic eggs were even better than the ones from the store with respect to the flavor and color. The price was competitive (slightly cheaper) than the equivalent eggs at the grocery store.

I grew up on a farm in northern Iowa, and I have not had local farm fresh eggs in a long time. I met the owners, Duane and Deb, as well during my first visit, and they were friendly, helpful, and took time to answer my questions about how their business worked. It was a very enjoyable experience talking to a local farmer in this highly developed area of Pennsylvania, and I plan on return visits for eggs, whenever I need them. I would highly recommend Highspire Hills Farm if you have an interest in trying local, organic eggs.

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