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Stay far away moldy veggies!

By: Deanna Fernandes    (Aug 20, 2010)

This is my first experience with a farm share, and I am extremely disappointed to say the least. The quality is horrible. Since the 2nd week I have been receiving moldy veggies and fruits. I tried contacting the company many times, and they never reply. I have even taken pictures of my share, and nothing. The last straw was this week when along with my moldy fruits and veggies I got a colony of ants! I would not recommend this farm to anyone!

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Deanna Fernandes says:    (Aug 28, 2010)
Update: They finally have replied after I cancelled my CSA mid-season...they said they may be looking for a new farm next year for their csa...I still would never go with them again, too many problems and poor communication.

Gi Ke says:    (Oct 5, 2010)
I have the same experience.. moldy vegetables.. but also fruit dropped and bruised a lot.... But also, I am wondering how much in advance are the shares picked up...they are delivered in a regular car, not in cooled truck.... not sure how the shares are delivered to the Farm Share....If the vegetables get cold then hot them cold... the farm might be nothing to do with this....