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from: Rocky Mount Gourds & Treasures of Louisiana

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By: Helen Hastings    (Aug 21, 2010)

Cucurbita foetidissima ("most foul-smelling gourd") is considered to be an invasive / noxious weed. I am surprised to see these seeds for sale; there are so many attractive, normal-smelling gourd cultivars available. Native Americans used parts of the plant as a laxative, so beware of planting free-pollinated squash seeds where the buffalo gourd roams. You might get a nasty surprise the day after consuming such a squash-cross.

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Susan Breeland says:    (Sep 13, 2010)
I am very sorry you have this opinion of this wonderful decorative gourd. It may be invasive, but has many decorative usages. I have been using them in Arts In Education and my own artwork for many, many years. They do not harm the fruit of other squash type plants unless you plant the seed the following year of the squash grown near by. One does need to start with fresh squash seeds, when this gourd is grown near by. The gourds that have the strong aroma are the perennials that grow wild in the south west, ours are the annual and do not have the terrible smell....yes I have smelled them.