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Best. Bacon. Ever.

By: Stephanie List    (Aug 24, 2010)

We have been officially ruined for all other bacon, world over. We've been buying this bacon (and sausage, ground beef, and bratwurst) at the Madeira farmer's market for a couple months now and we just can't get enough. We've also been using the whole grain spelt flour to bake bread and rolls and in pancakes and cookies and it is also extremely high quality. Everything is delicious and fresh and makes us feel good about what we're eating. We'll keep buying (and stock up on the most amazing bacon ever) until our farmer's market closes and then wait - woebegone - until June brings the market back. I recommend you do the same.

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Stephanie List says:    (Aug 30, 2010)
Ok. Update on the bacon front. The Filbruns just switched to a certified organic processor for their bacon. So now it's not quite the same, but I'm sure it's still good. We bought some and will update you with the new flavor, but unfortunately the price went up as well. $7.15 a pound. Yikes. Another good reason not to eat bacon too often, I guess...