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Quality in every bite!

By: Michael Martin    (Sep 9, 2010)

I should preface this review by noting that I looked for two weeks to find a farm that sold eggs direct to the public in my area. there were only two in all of 'south' jersey, and this was the lone farm to return my call. i state this only to note that places like this are becoming forgotten resources, and we should support our local farmers (and businesses) whenever possible.

So it's my first visit here, to pick up really farm fresh eggs and some fresh lamb. I've included some photos of the eggs, and yes, they really are brown, blue, green, and pink. It's like Easter right out of the carton.

The quality of the products is like Easter too. The eggs are rich, with a yolk more orange than yellow. We tried them up against the normal cage free organics that we get, and, while not as much of a difference in taste as there was between the store brand and organic cage free, they were still significantly richer. They also held together better in the pan, versus the store eggs which tended to run.

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