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Can't go back to supermarket meat

By: Annie Vanderboom    (Sep 14, 2010)

I have ordered mixed half-shares from 8 O'Clock Meat twice now and am about to place my third order. I have nothing but good things to say about this service, and recommend it to everyone who gives me the chance to talk about it, even strangers in the farmer's market! Meat arrives quickly via DSL; it is well-insulated and solidly frozen when I get it (I live 30 miles south of Albany). The variety has been great -- both times, there's been some ground beef and lamb, a preserved/smoked meat (bacon or sausage), some sort of unique cut (last time it was lamb ribs), and a "premium" cut like NY Strip or ribeye, and other mid-range cuts as well (chops, etc)... all clearly labeled w/ cut and weight. The half-share portions are perfect for two people, and since we are trying to reduce our meat intake (usually twice a week), it lasts a while. But the best part by far is the quality! The beef, pork, and lamb are all amazingly tender and flavorful, especially considering that the meat is so lean! The only trick is to learn to adjust your cooking times, since lean meat cooks faster, but Kassandra includes that sort of information with the shipment. Much, much better than anything I've found in the supermarket, at a very reasonable price, and without the nasty health concerns and guilty conscience! Love it!

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