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They spoiled us!

By: Polina Sabinin    (Sep 15, 2010)

We feel so lucky to have found Springdell! I never thought that knowing that your food is being grown 5 minutes away from your home by people whose names you know would be so comforting! Besides the philosophy of it all, Springdell is a perfect place to join a CSA! Logistically, they work hard to make it easy for their members. Their pick-up times are 12-7 and can accommodate almost anyone's schedule. You come in, grab your pre-labeled box, and some stuff at the farm stand, and you are gone in less than 5 minutes - unless you are curious about other things that they have at the stand and linger a little longer. Springdell portions are very generous, and that's without the extras that are not infrequent. Those must-be-eaten-today tomatoes or got-a-little-bruised-but-tastes-amazing summer squash that are there for the taking if you can use them! But most importantly ... their food is amazingly fresh, wholesome, and tasty! My husband and I have tried everything (veggies, meat, eggs, fruit)! Initially we would revel in the comparison of Springdell stuff to the store-bought stuff. I cut into a celery and he smells it from across the room! Now, we have gotten so spoiled that we walk past the produce area in the stores knowing that the stuff there is just not going to taste good anymore. Lately, I've also noticed that when I ask my friends "what should I bring to our get-together", they say "anything from that farm of yours". We are looking forward to joining any and all CSAs that Springdell develops: winter CSA, year-round CSA, meat CSA, get-it-all-here CSA. Thanks Springdell!

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