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from: Olivas de Oro Olive Company

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very disapppointed

By: sylvie simoes    (Sep 18, 2010)

I am very disappointed with this order!!!! I have routinely ordered a pure olive oil soap from Portugal (Abegos) with no problems but I wanted to try something new. I ordered these soaps from Olivas de Oro Olive Company in Calif. through Local Harvest and noticed that when I received the products, soy protein was listed as an ingredient but it was NOT listed on the Local Harvest site when I read the list. I never purchase anything with soy and I would call this false advertising!! I called the Olivas Company directly and spoke to a women who had no care in the world about the situation. I will next contact Local Harvest and see what they do. I would recommend to customers to order things DIRECTLY from the company and not through a third party-this will be the last time I do this!!!

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Frank Menacho says:    (Apr 13, 2012)
This is surprising and disappointing because I asked her to return the product directly to us and I refunded her money. I thought it was simpler to do it directly rather than processing a return through Local Harvest. The ingredients were not posted on the site, so I don't know how this constitues false advertising.