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Really liked the chickens

By: Ghada Qaseem    (Sep 21, 2010)

Hey Raja thanks for the cornish hens fresh and tasty like always but we really loved the non cornish type you used to sell they had the best taste though not so heavy on meat but were great. The chicks we bought from you are fully grown and very healthy and looking good. Need to buy some more if you have any. Hopefully you have the non cornish shares that's really what we want. Got a pretty good idea now what it takes to grow these birds.Its not easy or cheap. if you need help with deliveries let me know my wife can do on weekends.

Bob and Stacey !

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Raja Khan says:    (Nov 4, 2010)
Hi, These were FREE- Complimentry chickens that i give from time to time to different families. I don't really ask them which particular kind they prefer since basically they are all organic raised. I am sure there is a difference in every breed and its taste as well if one can really tell. You are welcome to start buying a share of chickens you prefer Cornish or any other. Then you have can give me a 4 star rating if you were not really happy with the quality of the chickens !