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Buyer Beware

By: natural foodie    (Sep 24, 2010)

As someone who has had experiences with CSA from California to Nevada for the PAST TEN YEARS, I'll put and honest review in for this farm. This farm really needs to get their act together. They have a water supply problem that is their own fault. They need to comply with all permitting and regulations regarding water use and land use BEFORE they start selling a product to ANYBODY. They need understand that feedback from subscribers are not meant to be made as a lesson in public humiliation, but taken in and contemplated. I have never seen a CSA be a model of negativity with regards to drumming up support for whatever victimization they deem they are under. Honestly, with the exceptions on their eggs, chickens, and turkeys, their produce needs a lot more improvement in quality and taste. Needless to say, I will support another local farmer, not matter what the growing condition is like next year. Hopefully this will warn future subscribers that if they want to subscribe, they better march in with only encouraging words, no matter how bad things are. All other feedback will be publicly announced and humiliated. So consider yourself warned.

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