Screamin' Oaks Farm

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a sensational series of sensations!

By: Rodney Thanksgiving    (Oct 3, 2010)

What adjectives remain in describing Roxane McCoy and her family? The usual 400 word vocabulary's usual descriptions should remain for junior high children. Roxane deserves much more! A reader may be overcome, just halfway up the driveway, into something more like being wafted to realms of beatific felicity. When I visited Screamin' Oaks Farm yesterday, participating in the Kansas Kaw Valley Farm Tour, there it was: filled with contented bloodhounds, goaties, a family fiber arts display, humans of all varieties and ages - an absolute paradise free from the vacuous silent responses of city people who would hardly care to say "Hello" first because there appeared to be a reason for it. And, check this out, folks. Roxane actually offered to meed me halfway to Kansas City, a gallon or two of goat milk in hand, when she is in the area! Truly interesting people like the McCoys come from the top or the bottom. They seldom come from the middle. Wouldn't you agree theScreamin' Oaks Farm family is tops?

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