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Good variety, low quality

By: Jen Bl    (Oct 8, 2010)

This was the first time I ever tried a CSA and I've been quite disappointed with the fall shares. The produce quality is inconsistent but mostly quite disappointing. Many of our apples look like they've been kicked around - covered in bruises and spots. Our carrots were two inches long and with bits rotted away. Our kale was completely coated in bugs. Many of the green beans had white mold inside. The apple cider went bad (undrinkable) on day 2 in the fridge.

Needless to say, I've been scared off CSAs for a while and I'll be going to farmer's markets instead where I can choose decent produce instead of getting the bottom of the barrel, which seems to be what Orchard Country is giving its fall shareholders this year.

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Gregg Keckler says:    (Oct 25, 2010)
First of all, we are very disappointed that the above reviewer did not mention her dissatisfaction with our CSA to us personally. If CSA members communicate any sort of complaint to us about the shares, we are quick to make things right whether that be refunding money, or replacing damaged produce. If we dont know that there is a problem, how can we possibly know to address it? That being said, we can vouch for the quality of our produce. It is fresh off of our farm and we make all efforts to sort apples, beans, anything that goes into the CSAs shares. If a damaged apples makes it into a share, we trust that our CSA members will be honest enough with us to e-mail and let us know so that we can replace it. We would like to emphasize that our cider is unpasteurized (something that cannot be found in any grocery store or even at most farmer's markets) and we make our CSA members well aware of this fact in the weekly e-mails. CSAs were informed that the cider would become hard quickly since it was not pasteurized and that if it DID go bad before being consumed, it could simply be boiled on a stove and would return to non-hard cider. Finally, we have had many returning CSA members who love the fresh produce- quality, quantity, and variety. As with any type of relationship in life, the more communication and honesty that exists, the better the experiences. Gregg and Louise Keckler Orchard Country Produce