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By: Lisa Arnold    (Oct 9, 2010)

Being involved with Misty Meadows has literally changed the way I see/think about food. I finally bit the bullet and joined this spring because I had been making other "good" changes in my life (eating better, exercising, etc.) and with that transition came a greater concern for what I was putting into my body and how very little I knew where my food was coming from and what it took to get to me in the first place. So I joined Misty Meadows not only because I wanted fresh/local/organic food (which of course I wanted), but also because I wanted to educate myself about food. I have learned so much through this experience, and my friends and family have probably learned a lot too because I can't stop marveling at how hard Ralph and Kathy work to bring me fresh and delicious food every week. It's been a very special experience to me to not only receive the food from Misty Meadows but also participate in its production -- Ralph and Kathy have welcomed me onto the farm and trusted me to plant their broccoli, even upside down (luckily Ralph caught that before it was too late)!

It is a privilege to be able to receive locally grown and delivered food. It is a privilege to consume what is in season and to understand that there *are* seasons. It is a great privilege to understand the limits that nature imposes on humankind because this keeps our pride in check and reminds us to appreciate what we receive. Being a part of the CSA at Misty Meadows has given me these privileges.

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