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We Love Misty Meadows!

By: rachael fasciotto    (Oct 9, 2010)

My husband and I have considered a CSA every year for the last few years, but this year we finally decided to dive in and give it a try! We had our first baby in April, so I knew that if we had any leftovers we could make baby food and freeze it. Over the summer we had lots of amazing dishes to eat at dinner and I made some huge batches of baby food out of the squash and peaches. When our little one was finally big enough to eat her baby food, I was delighted to give her the best of the best - homegrown, natural, nothing added or removed. What a gift for a kid who lives in the city! We've learned a lot about cooking and we've become very creative with our meals. Ralph and Kathy have worked hard to give us some wonderful food and a wonderful farm experience!

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