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extremely disappointing

By: Tricia Adkins    (Oct 9, 2010)

In all, I have to agree with everything that the "disappointing" reviewer wrote on October 8. I was also very upset by the lack of professionalism. When I called to ask a specific question about the farm, at the business phone number that was provided to me, the response was, "What do you want!" followed by another louder, harsher, "What do you want!" because I was too shocked to respond. Due to the lack of quality, variety, quantity, and professionalism, I would not recommend this CSA.

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Barbara Everson says:    (Jan 4, 2011)
When I answered the phone for this customer there was no answering voice on the other end. I asked several times if there was someone there with no response. She actually threw some of here vegetables at me at two different deliveries because she did not like swiss chard. I did not know this and it was not in her bag afterward. I was not sick this last season I had major abdominal surgery and almost died. I explained this to my customers and I still managed to make my deliveries because I felt it was important. I could have given up and taken the easy way out claiming shared risk to my customers, but I did not. I am sorry she was unhappy and I told her so. There is such a thing as human compassion and most of my customers were much more supportive. I wish her well.