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The Real Deal

By: Sally Bowdle    (Oct 11, 2010)

This is it folks. If you've read Joel Salatin, Micheal Pollan, Barbara Kingsolver....watched Food Inc and Fresh, this it the best stuff right here in our own back yard.

I picked up a chicken while at their farm for the Slow Food dinner this summer. I saved it as long as I could stand, and then brought it to share with my family. My dad (turned 70 this year!) says- Best Chicken Ever! And I said, of course Dad, it's pasture raised and from Plaid Piper.

So now I have four more birds in my freezer, and one stew chicken in my slow cooker. I'm set for winter- till I get a chest freezer....

Go visit the farm and see for yourself! My favorite is the 'layer lair'....

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