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Terrible customer service

By: Renee Maury    (Oct 11, 2010)

I visited the farm with family as we always do we had a great time. Everything changed though when I had to call regarding the quality of 2 pies out of the 3 we bought. This is when my whole attitude towards the Rose family changed. I was told that after calling three times & getting hung up on twice that company policy was not to refund or replace any item after it leaves the farm. I wasnt trying to get my $ back I wanted tobring the pies back to them so that they could see for themselves what I was talking about & have them replaced because its understandable that it could have been a bad batch. I truly thought they would've been apprecaitive of me taking my time to let them know that something wasn't the quality that we have grown to expect from the years of purchasing from them. They said definatly not would they do anything for me. This was the first time we have had an issue like this. Where I felt as though it was a joke because even people that heard the conversation I put the phone on speaker because I knew they would'nt believe it. I suggest that if you do visit Rose Orchards that you dont purchase anything there because if there is a issue they won't address it. Basically I just threw 30.00 in the trash because those 2 pies were not edible. They didnt care. Now mind you we have been visitng Rose Orchards for generations. It all had to end like this. So now Bishops Orchards gained a whole family for us to build new memories hopefully they believe that without their customers there is no business. I hope this review is helpful to you.

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