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Eating veggies is where it's @, can you dig?

By: Betsy Holmes    (Oct 19, 2010)

This is our second year in a row splitting a CSA farm share from Red Wagon. My husband and I have plenty to eat all week from the farm share, even after splitting it with another couple. Splitting the cost and weekly quantity with another couple has been a great way to make sure we get the most from the experience. I would hate to see any of their lovely veggies go to waste and we somehow manage to incorporate everything we get. The investment at the beginning of the year always pays for itself.

Throughout the summer, I find myself visiting the weekly Boulder Farmers Market, but mostly to browse the offerings. With the CSA farm share, I never need to buy more veggies at the market.

Amy sends out weekly newsletters throughout the summer and provides you with details of what vegetables are being distributed that week along with recipes. I love the variety of leafy greens and delicious vegetables from Red Wagon. Supporting a local farm makes you feel good from the inside out!

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