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Not exactly what I expected...

By: Peter Yu    (Oct 23, 2010)

This was our first time doing a CSA, and I would not recommend any CSA unless you do farmers market frequently and want to focus on one farm. We were not in the habit of going to the farmers market, and there were certainly days that we didn't feel like going.

Any farm or experienced home gardener should be really good at tomatoes, and we were surprised not to get tomatoes some weeks in July and August, when they should be very abundant. Throughout the summer, I never found that their tomatoes had that great smell, and they were no better than the grocery store.

I agree with the previous reviewer that this farm was heavy on apples and pears in the fall, and I would have expected more corn, squash, zucchini during the year.

The highlight of this year was one canteloupe, which was awesome, but the following week, it was not very good. The disappointment was the garlic scape, which we found to be overrated. One suggestion would be to have squash blossoms, which I have heard so much about.

Next year, we will go a-la-carte to several farm stands, and if one resonates with us, we would do CSA again. These folks were nice enough, but not exactly outgoing. Didn't feel that connection.

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