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Could be better

By:    (Oct 28, 2010)

We were very disappointed with Vintage Hobby Farm. We rarely left with a full bag of produce (though twice we left with 2 bags when there was surplus summer squash and cucumbers), most of the time it was about half a bag. The other CSAs we have been a part of always provided us with 2 bags of produce. When we mentioned this in the CSA evaluation we got a reply back that basically said we were wrong and that most other CSAs usually only give one bag of produce. Well, not according to our experiences! It is an evaluation and we are entitled to say how we feel and reference what we have experienced before and not be admonished.

We appreciate the fact that Vintage Hobby Farm grows many heirlooms. Too bad we picked this year to join since we saw the heirlooms did not do so well (quote from the farm in response tou our evaluation of the CSA) and also for the fact that many of the heirlooms they grew on the farm we were growing in our own garden.

Needless to say we will not be joining Vintage Hobby Farm CSA again. We simply did not get enough of what we paid for.

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Jennifer Martinez says:    (Oct 31, 2010)
We at Vintage Hobby Farm offer a bag of produce per pick up. When you join a CSA you take the risk some crops may fail. Some of the heirlooms this season were taken over by bugs. It was a very hot humid season and some crops did not like it. We grow our produce in the organic method and feel we give out $25 or more worth each pick up. I have not yet found a csa who gives out 2 bags worth unless they have an abundance. I am sorry they were not satisfied, we do our best to make our members happy. Jennifer