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Great CSA Experience

By: Jenny Hensgen    (Oct 31, 2010)

This was my first year participating in a CSA, and I loved the experience. I did a worker share, planting, weeding, harvesting, washing food in preparation for CSA pick-up. This year was heavy on the rain and heat , which was great for some produce and not for others. I gained a new appreciation for the effort that goes into the food that my family eats. I experienced new foods that I would never buy in the grocery store, because that was what was in my bag for the week. My bag was alway full, we did not go without any time during the season. I think that people that participate in a CSA need to remember that you are eating seasonally, and on the farm every thing is not ready when you feel like it, so you need to look at things differently. Freeze, can and share the harvest, try new recipes, and enjoy freshness that you can't get from any store. Jennifer and her family are doing an outstanding job of raising quality organic produce. I cant' wait for next season. Jenny

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