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Bringing true quality to the earth and its living beings

By: Alicia Rhyner    (Nov 5, 2010)

It is truly encouraging to see a family like the Boersons committing their lives to a local organic livelihood. These are people who stick firm to their beliefs and values; people who know that in order to save our earth they must regenerate our soil and work hard with nature, not against it, even if the going gets tough at times, and even when the work is sometimes difficult. I have been discovering the importance of organic farming, and I asked the Boersons if I could come to work on their farm to gain some experience before I go WWOOFing. They were so inviting and encouraging and allowed me to work alongside them, and in exchange gave me fresh organic produce, eggs, and meat. They are wonderful people, and I want everyone to benefit from experiences and food like this, for embracing an organic lifestyle like the Boersons have will truly heal our earth if we only make that hard yet important decision. Please make the decision to support the Boersons and other families and farmers working toward a healthier planet.

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