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Great Chicken, Great People, Great Farm!

By: John Mascaro    (Nov 9, 2010)

We've been buying chicken from Green Acres Farm for over 2 years now and very much appreciate the care and dedication which which Kimberly and Mark Casson bring to their organic birds. In our case, we're lucky to have them so close to our own home, but any family will benefit from Green Acre's naturally raised & fed poultry, many of which we've seen raised from chicks!

As to prices: it's the old get what you pay for. You want "the real deal" in organic and naturally raised, truly "free roaming" birds, you gotta be willing to invest in your health and nutrition and the well being of your family. Compare prices and you will not find too many other farms with such reasonable offerings within many miles. And forget about the store-bought birds: low prices, yes; as organic and healthy as Green Acres....not necessarily. You can either pay a little more for your organic food and better health now or pay a little more for health care and medication later. We choose the former.

As the TV show once said: "Green Acres Is The Place for Me!"

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