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By: Katie Walters    (Nov 11, 2010)

On a nice Saturday drive in the country we came across a cute little farm with signs posted at the end of the drive. We decided to check it out. At the end of their stone lane sits a beautiful farm house, abundant flower beds, geese, fuzzy chickens, a pet turkey and chicken, a cat named Baily, and I cant forget that sheep. To the left of the drive sits an adorable Vegetable stand. Ashli (niece in-law), who works their on Saturdays with her small children in tow, is very charming. She has alot to say and is very helpful with your selections. Mandy, the owner, was working in the field with her nephew and daughter. This farm was right out of a book. I loved the selections of fruit, vegetables, and meats. Everything was very tasty. This year we are going to sign up for a CSA. This Farm is highly recomended!

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