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Poor service, terrible value, OK food

By: David Glinka    (Nov 11, 2010)

I'm reviewing just because I found Ledge Ends on this site, and want to let others know our experience. We participated for the 2010 season, which has just ended.

First, the good. The vegetables are pretty good, we had some excellent peas early in the season, and the few times we had berries they were also great. Lots of hot peppers were also very good. The farm was heavy on kohlrabi and leeks which are not my favorite but it was interesting to experiment with different stuff, that's part of the reason we joined a CSA.

Unfortunately, the good pretty much stops there. Service and communication by the farm was terrible. There was an unannounced 3 week interruption in food pickup with no notice, just a cardboard sign saying pickup was cancelled when we arrived at the site. An email would have been greatly appreciated, said email did not follow until the next week, at which time we were told that there would be no pickup for 2 more weeks. I understand that problems can arise and I believe this was related to an illness.. but seriously EVERYONE was sick for 3 weeks? This would have been partly excusable, but unfortunately it was not the only problem.

We participated in the optional cheese share, which was a disaster. Supposedly this share provided cheese and yogurt weekly from Narragansett Creamery. In the 21 weeks of the CSA, I would be surprised if we got cheese much more than half of the time. There was no cheese for pickup at least 6-8 of the weeks. Staff at the pickup site were clueless, almost as if it wasn't their job to bring the cheese as well as the vegetables, and the farm did not return emails about the problem. We paid 130 dollars for this cheese, and were just ripped off.

Finally, the quantity of vegetables received in a share is much less than the Ledge Ends website would lead you to believe. I realize that this is a risk of a CSA and don't want to fault them too much for it, but particularly at the beginning and end of the season the amount of food is pathetic. It literally costs more in gas to drive to get the vegetables than they are worth (particularly since we also did not get our cheese!). Their website says that a share provides "more than enough for a vegetarian couple or a family of four eating a diet that includes meat." this is laughable, they do not even provide for us (a couple) to have a single vegetable side dish with dinner for half the week. They also state that shares are enough food will that they will "sometimes fill three shopping bags." Not once in the season did we need more than two bags, and most of the time we could have not filled a single plastic grocery store bag.

In summary, I wanted to like this farm, but it was a terrible value and an aggravating experience. I suggest that anyone looking for a CSA go elsewhere, or go to Whole Foods or Dave's and get five times the amount of organic produce for their dollar.

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