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Fun, creative and tasty!

By: Marika Grossman    (Nov 17, 2010)

Ames Free Library of Easton Foodies group always has someone local, professional and engaging at its presentations. Interesting food related topics, cooking demonstrations, tasty samples keep participants coming back month after month.

One memorable event was on May 5th and was about Mexican food. It was the day of a Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo, so it was especially fitting to try amazing food brought in by local cook and Mexican restaurant owner, Francisco of El Mariachi in Brockton, MA.

There was one night when Diane Kunkel, owner of Rockin K Cafe of Bridgewater came, talked and prepared black bean hummus for the participants to try. It was so good!

One of the field trips organized by the foodie group was to a store that sells cookbooks on all kinds of cuisines, old and new.

This group also became an inspiration for another foodie group in the area.

Please visit its events - time well spent!

Marika Grossman

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