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Good for the Paleo types.

By: Randy Hale    (Nov 27, 2010)

I am a Paleo eater and natural food is nearly impossible to buy at the store, so finding a gem like Appenzell farms has been fantastic. I took a tour and meet Jessie Iliked everything I saw and so will you. The eggs are heathy and perfect. The taste of the chickens can not be matched by anything you can find at the store. I live in WIllard and I cant find anything eles in the area that can compare. Also the price of there products is unbeliveable, check them out, If you are looking to improve your heath one simple step is to eat more naturaly, The fat profile is very much improved and micronutrient content of naturaly rasied birds(and there eggs) translates into improved omega 3 and 6 ratios. A major cause of inflamation.

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