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By: Allan Doughty    (Dec 6, 2010)

When I heard about CSA I knew I wanted to join. I went to a presentation from one farm, and I was not exactly convinced that I had found"the one". So I called and Emailed several. I was not impressed. I saw Grassfield Farms listed and I called. Howard answered. I spoke to Howard himself! And he answered all my questions, knew what he was talking about, sounded helpful, friendly, and ready to start me on the way. From the first pick-up I enjoyed the process. And it has been a process. I knew I would get fresh food, and a variety of fresh vegetables, grown as they should be grown, picked fresh and ready to eat. There is nothing more delicious than a ripe tomato fresh from the vine, or a pepper (all colors) the same way - I learned to fry Green tomatoes. Haven't had them in probably 50 years. But I didn't know the rest of it, or I hadn't thought it all through. I learned and re-learned quite a bit about the vegetables - when I had questions about how to cook them, keep them, store them, or freeze them, Howard was a great teacher. I had eaten most all of what I received at some point in my life, but I hadn't done all of what I just mentioned above. I have enjoyed so much fresh food this year, learned to cook so much of it, and freeze the leftovers - yes Howard, there is Okra Creole over Rice (my favorite) in several packages in the freezer. And there is that Zuchini Caserole that I used so much this year, frozen and ready to eat. And there are the fresh vegetables - corn, spinach, various squash, and many others in containers in the freezers. And as someone else mentioned, we've all become friends of the family and always feel welcome. Big Max sure does! And it's a great family! Thanks, Buddy! Now I'm not so great with fresh herbs - I can use them, just don't seem to have the patience to dry or preserve them. I have a feeling I'll get there! Can't wait until the buds start forming, the blooms set and the good stuff grows! And by the way Howard, I need to tell you I'm 72 years old! (That's an old inside joke!)

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Howard Flenner says:    (Dec 7, 2010)
Al, my jaw hurts and after I wipe the tears from my eyes from the side-splitting laughter, I will let you know, that I just don't think that I have read a better review. I am so glad that it is attached to "our farm". It has truly been a pleasure to meet all of you guys and many of us have indeed become close friends and neighbors. This was my goal and I only want it to get better. With the drought, unseasonable weather and record breaking temps that we experienced this year. How could it get any worse? Hey, like you said, "It's All Good" LOL