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4 Healthy Hens

By: Ellen Thomas    (Dec 7, 2010)

Last Spring, when my town passed its Urban Hen ordinance, I bought 4 chicks from Back to the Farm. I explained that I really didn't want any sexing mishaps, since the ordinance was a little controversial, and I was getting exactly the 4 breeds I wanted. Paul was very accomodating, keeping the birds for me for a few extra weeks until he could be certain of the sex. I got a Barred Rock, a Buff Orpington, a New Hampshire Red, and a Partridge Plymouth Rock. When he wasn't sure of being able to provide one of them (the BO, I think), he made sure he would be able to get one from another supplier if needed.

My son and I went to the farm to pick up the birds. The Harters were friendly and happy to show us around the farm so we could see all the birds and where they were being raised. The roosters were so beautiful we really wished we could have one, but again, not in our urban flock!

Paul was extremely helpful on the phone, both as I was placing my order and as the time neared to bring them home. Since this was a new venture for us, I had about a thousand questions, which he patiently answered.

The 4 girls (Rosita, Heidi, Iris and Daniella) have been wonderful layers so far, and I have had no health problems with them at all. I highly recommend Back to the Farm as a source for a backyard flock like my own.

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