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"Organic" boxes are resold produce from Dekalb Farmers Mkt

By: S. D.    (Dec 11, 2010)

The ORGANIC boxes listed as being from a CSA are resold produce from the DEKALB farmer's market.

The winter market had great potential when Marty & Lisa were handling things. They are now gone, as the farm owner (Pilar Quintero) was being very difficult to work with and she was trying to nickle-and-dime them and the vendors. As a result, several vendors that were there in the beginning have also left and the market now seems to be falling apart (as it did after last year's market manager left).

Now that Marty & Lisa have been gone for 2-3 weeks, it appears that any quality control and jurying of the vendors are also gone. If you don't have quality vendors and quality produce/products...you don't have repeat customers or new customers...and eventually, you don't have a market anymore.

The facility that the market was held in was not very clean. One week there were tables leaning against the walls on one side and some other debris on the other side. The kitchen area is a complete mess and had clutter everywhere.

After reading numerous reviews about this farm concerning the maltreatment of horses and their owners, as well as the dishonesty and greediness of Pilar and her staff, I would recommend that people stay away from that place.

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Terri Tattan says:    (Jan 25, 2011)
This review is a slanderous pack of lies. Market falling apart? Because a couple of vendors departed?! Actually, the market is still in operation with a quality selection of vendors. Grass fed beef, honey, biscotti, soy-based candles, quality baked goods, whole grain bread and other value added products. The "other reviews" you refer to were all written by the same person, btw!

Pilar Quintero says:    (Jun 21, 2011)
Rancho Alegre does not offer a CSA. We began operating a Buyers Club because certified organic produce is not readily available in our immediate area. The produce was purchased from a wholesale distributor who obtains local organic produce when available. By using a distributor, we can also provide certified organic produce grown in other areas, such as tropical fruits, warm weather crops like tomatoes in the winter and greens in the summer. The winter market gave our quality vendors a place to sell during what is typically the off-season for farmers markets here. We continued to operate every Saturday until the Spring. As the busier, municipal markets re-opened, the vendors returned to their regular venues for the summer. The Market Managers were responsible for the appearance of the rental hall. If the presence of folding tables was undesirable, ideally, this issue should have been addressed by these market managers at the time. The reviews you referred to are false accusations which were part of an attack launched by one person. FYI - impromptu inspections by the Department of Agriculture and Animal Control found no violations - they actually said we had one of the nicest barns they had seen! We invite all our visitors to see the living conditions of our animals and to judge for themselves.

The truth says:    (Dec 7, 2011)
My how history repeats itself here... no matter what the endeavor.

The truth says:    (Dec 7, 2011)
It seems that if the owners would work on their integrity instead of how to make a quick profit off a supposedly good cause, they would have some lingering success. Certainly a waste of a much potential.

Rosetta says:    (Feb 28, 2013)
Sounds like Pilar is up to the same old tricks.