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I love these eggs!

By:    (Jan 1, 2011)

I was first introduced to BMR's eggs through the IEOPBC. The chicken eggs are delicious, fresh and clean tasting. After eating those, I haven't been able to look at store-bought eggs as a reasonable alternative. I'd rather wait for the IEOPBC meetup to get my eggs! I've also tried the duck eggs and love those! The egg white has a slightly different taste than chicken eggs and the yolks and fattier. Our son (21mo as of this review) is a huge fan and we try to have enough eggs on hand so he can have one every day. Most days he hands back the yolk (I think because of the texture after being boiled), but other days he takes a good bite and he gives you a look of "WOW! What's this deliciousness in my mouth?!" We really like that we can pick up eggs at our own convenience (instead of the bi-weekly IEOBPC meetup) and often buy 5-6 dozen eggs at a time. They last a good long time in the fridge, even at the rate that we eat them (~1-1.5doz/week).

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