Purple Rain Vineyard

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Good Value

By: Thomas Curtis    (Jan 2, 2011)

I joined this CSA last year and liked it enough to renew my membership this year. I have to admit that when I got my first weekly pick up, I was a little bit skeptical I was putting my money in the right place. However, I stuck with it because I had read that the first pickup is typically the smallest of the year. I am glad that I did because not only did I get to enjoy Luisa's great greens, but I learned to cook new vegetables like kholrabi. I think the membership is a great value because not only do you get vibrant vegetables clear into December, they are also well cleaned and packaged in biodegradable plastic bags. I also remember reading that this CSA focuses on greens, I think that it also important to recognize this before you sign up. There you get a large of variety of greens from bok choy to spicy mustard greens, if you are not willing to experiment with these you likely will be disappointed. There are a smattering of other vegetables with every pickup, but you should plan on needing to buy other vegetables too. If you come in with these expectations and value that your food is grown locally; not only will you be pleased with what you get, but you will also find you get it a great price.

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