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Most amazing turkey EVER!

By: Darren Chittick    (Jan 5, 2011)

My partner and I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever and our parents met at said gathering for the first time ever. Needless to say, we were really depending on the turkey to pull through for us, and pull through it did!

I chose to brine the turkey and then roasted it uncovered and unbasted. It cooked perfectly! The skin was crisp, the extra fat that comes with being a heritage breed kept the meat moist throughout, and there was a flavor that I have never had with turkey that I can only assume is lost when turkeys are selectively bred for other traits to be the kind available at the grocery. My Dad, who isn't always forthcoming with compliments and seldom speaks in hyperbole, said it was the best turkey he'd ever had. That's saying something!

Besides the turkeys, we are regular buyers of herb seedlings and veggies from KG Acres at Indy's farm markets. One of the things that drew us to the markets is the ability to know the farmers. As it is, they are often busy or not all that interested in our city-kid attempts at bonding. We have had such a good time chatting with Laura at the markets that we keep going back again and again much to the detriment of our schedule because I usually end up talking longer than I have.

We'll definitely keep buying veggies and plants from KG Acres and can't imagine another source for turkey. We bought two and had eaten them both between Thanksgiving and the new year.

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