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I ate the whole turkey - by myself!

By: Tya Collier    (Jan 6, 2011)

That's right folks - the whole bird. I'm not even a real turkey lover at that. Sure, I like cold cuts, turkey bacon, sausage and ham but these things don't actually taste like real turkey. My bird was between 9 - 10 lbs and I brined it the night before in a simple sugar-salt brine. I let it come to room temp. then stuffed a compounded rosemary-maple butter between the skin and flesh and lightly salted the outside and cavity. As suggested, I cranked the oven up to about 450 f or so and it only took maybe and hour if even that. I personally prefer my cooked turkey cool from the frig so for a week straight, I dined on the most delicious moist turkey I've ever had - ever. I used the dark meat for a sweet potato stew served cold (of course) with a dollop of homemade cranberry sauce in the middle. Beautiful stew and the turkey really made a difference in the level of deliciousness. Every piece spooned up was like finding treasure. I will never buy a commercial turkey from a store again. The hospitality of the folks at KG Acres Farm made it even more enjoyable - I didn't even have to leave my house to get this bird. This was my first heritage bird and it exceeded all my expectations. Thank you again KG Acres.

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