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best place for authentic local food

By: Bitsy Brown    (Jan 22, 2011)

I have come to look forward to my weekly shopping at Delaware Local Food Exchange -mainly because Karen is so sweet, but also because the food is truly, authentically local. Karen knows from where every bit of it is from, and she has acually visited the farms, and, (at least some of them) you can too, just go to their websites for info!

I can get most of what I need there, so my visits to the huge grocery store have been reduced, which is fine by me. I love knowing that the milk and yogurt are from happy grass fed cows, that any meat I get comes from animals that were humanely treated, and the produce has no or as few chemicals as possible.

Some of the foods cost less than a grocery store, some a little more. But the fact that I am helping to support small farmers who work hard for a living, trying their best to do right by their animals and the planet, makes me feel good about consuming! If I spend a tad more I consider it a donation to a really good cause. And I more than make up for it in NOT having to pay doctor bills. Because this REAL food creates REAL health!

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